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Absolute Condos are residential condominiums built in the complex of five towers in Absolute Ave Mississauga, Ontario. The developer of Absolute Condo project is Fernbrook Homes and Citizens Development Group. With the first three towers completed first, Absolute 80, Absolute 70 and Absolute. Absolute 50 and Absolute 60 were topped off recently at 50 and 56 stories.

All Absolute Towers share a 30,000 square feet of world class amenities. Residents of Absolute Towers has been provided with swimming pools, Squash Courts, Gym, Cardio Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Library and Weight room.

The design of Absolute Towers have won the design award because of its unique architecture and given the name of Marilyn Monroe Towers because of its curvy and sexy look.


To know the current prices of Absolute Condos please click here . You can also contact me through Google+ and Facebook .



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